About No Nerds No Problem

Building a startup as a non-technical founder is like playing on hard mode. You've got no shortage of Vision. But you can't build that Vision yourself. Getting it built means entering into the world of Nerds.

As someone who doesn't speak the language of Tech, interfacing with that world can be exhausting. You can spend hours digesting the jargon, the buzzwords, the endless list of frameworks, platforms, and providers. That's time you could spend doing what matters most to any founder:<br><br>Growing your business.

No Nerds No Problem helps you close that gap and get back to doing what you do best. Each week, I'll be speaking with experts from all over the startup ecosystem, diving deep into the topics most relevant to you, the non-technical founder. I'll chat with investors, consultants, and other founders just like you, bringing you the advice you need to be able to confidently say:

"No Nerds? No Problem."

About James

James Knight

James has spent the last ten years obsessing about how to help non-technical founders bring their products to market. He's a Bona Fide Nerd: he has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics, studied for his Masters in Computer Science at Georgia Tech, and started his career in robotics at Romotive (now Zipline). James spent 3 years as a Solutions Engineer at Google, helping their biggest customers turn emerging needs into working products in a matter of weeks, adding over $30M to Google's revenue in one quarter alone.

Since leaving Google in 2015 and starting his startup consulting agency, he's grown this company to 20+ nerds across 5 different countries, been featured in Bloomberg, and has helped more than 25 companies build and launch their products, and raise a combined $650M in fundraising.